This place excacerbates all your worst instincts
It's a cancer of the soul.
Someone who was once known as Robin, now going by the name of Red Robin; I'm not anyone's replacement.

Bruce's son, Dick and Damian's brother, and Tony's 'pal'.

"You're right. You're right about everything. I lost my way. I was in a bad place, and I made bad decisions. People got hurt... people got killed. And it's on me. But I'm better now. I know who I am, and I'm going to set things right. "

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He crossed his arms with a half smile on his face. That wasn’t a surprise, really, to find him chilling at his own safe house (Tim’s safe house, by the way), wasn’t something that shocked him. For how long have they been doing this…? Getting into each other’s houses without warning just to scare the shit out of the other…?

Or maybe just to give a small surprise. Although after a while, the joke got old and they just knew they were gonna be there.

"Should I say "I’m home" and expect you to wait for me with dinner ready and all that, Jason?”, said Tim as he pulled his cowl down and unclasped his cape to toss it over a chair.